Chipboard Products

Circle Incorporated is one of the largest independent converters of recycled Chipboard in North America. Of all the materials we convert, Chipboard is by far the largest raw material substrate that passes through our machines. Our ability to die cut, laminate, score, trim, saw or generally convert chipboard has made us the source customers look to for high quality converted chipboard at the most competitive prices.



Chipboard PadsOne cornerstone of Circle Inc.'s success has been our ability to consistently produce and package the cleanest, most precisely cut chipboard pads in the industry. Whether used as a stiffener pad in envelopes, divider between cans, calendar backing or any specialty application, Circle can supply the right chipboard pad for your application. With our various chipboard converting methods we can supply accurately cut chipboard pads in caliper a range from .015 pt. to .300 pt. If quality and consistency are important to your application, Circle's chipboard pads are the right choice.

  • Guaranteed to +/- 1/64"
  • Caliper Range .015 pt. - .300 pt.
  • Consistently Clean/Flat/Square


Laminated Chipboard

CD Insert

Circle Incorporated's ability to create Pasted Chipboard allows our customers to create unique packaging solutions for their applications. Heavy caliper chipboard is a great "Green Alternative" to using wood or other materials and Circle Inc. can produce board as heavy as your application requires. We can also produce Cross Grain sheets that provide excellent stiffness in each direction of the sheet.

  • Unlimited Caliper Range
  • Excellent "Green" Alternative to Wood
  • Cross Grain Laminating


Die Cut Chipboard

Heavy caliper Die Cut Chipboard is one of the things that set Circle Inc. apart from most other paper converters. Not only can we create virtually any caliper on our Sheet pasting line but we also have the necessary equipment and expertise to convert those sheets to meet our customers' unique applications. We have two 500 Ton press vertical stroke Die Cutters that allow us to convert board up to .360 pt. and create products for a variety of industries. Our equipment holds excellent tolerances and specializes in accurate die cutting of heavy caliper board. Our Die Cut Chipboard is used for Internal/External packaging, custom film and roll tier sheets, furniture applications and much more.

Die Cut Chipboard


  • Die Cut up to .360 Pt.
  • Excellent Tolerances
  • Unique Shapes & Applications