BROWN BEAR™ Flat Edge Protectors

Circle's Brown Bear Flat Edge ProtectorsCircle's Brown Bear Flat Edge Protectors have been the standard for machine fed flat edge protectors for over 20 years. Common size is 6" x 3" and in various calipers. We use only first quality "making tonnage" board to ensure the finish and caliper are consistent on every piece. High quality board combined with our precise cutting methods is why we have remained the highest quality standard for so long. This consistency is critical in the machine fed applications where these edge protectors are used. No down time in the finishing line due to jammed edge protectors means more products go out the door.

Flat Edge Protectors

Contact us to learn more about the current inventory of Brown (or White one Side) Flat Edge protectors and how they can help your machine fed application run smoothly


  • 6" x 3"
  • Consistent Cut and Caliper
  • Available in Brown or White One Side

Flat edge protector