BIA Conference, St. Louis, MO

Circle Inc. attended this years' BIA conference in St. Louis, "Offset and Beyond". The presentations during the three-day conference had a heavy emphasis on the continued downward direction of the printing and paper industries and stressed how each business needs to continue to find new ways to maintain profitability within their respective declining markets.

Our general take away from the conference was that there is a transition taking place in print and paper going away from mass markets toward mass niches. The days of the long runs and large volumes are gone. Social media, on-demand electronic information, and the new generation of "screenagers" are just some of the driving forces that are changing the way our customers go to market and the overall future success of the print industry. Circle Inc. is focused on positioning ourselves to support our customers for just such a transition. Having BIA as a tool, along with our versatility, product mix and converting capabilities, we are prepared to service the "mass niches".