TRANR Launches Online Store!


TRANR performance rubber flooring is proud to announce our new Online Store!  The same high-quality Performance Flooring and Equipment Mats with something we call “Active Noise Reduction” (that’s the ANR in TRANR) are now available to buy online and ship in 1-2 days! 

We’ve taken a few of our fastest moving products (and added a couple new ones!) and made them available to ship direct to your home or business!

Just go to our site and click on the “Shop” button at the top of the page and check out these great options:

  •    TRUE 24” & 36” interlocking tiles.  Available in both Black & Blue/Grey – 8mm & 9.5mm
      o   TRANR TRUE products give you a full 24 or 36 inches of coverage when interlocked.  Unlike other tiles that say 24 x 24, but
                      actually have almost 10% less coverage!
  •    TRANR Expandable 24” & 36” tiles.  Available in both Black & Blue/Grey – 8mm & 9.5mm
       o   Expandable Tiles have a finished edge on two sides that can be removed as needed.  This helps to reduce trimming at
                        installation and also gives you the freedom to expand the coverage from one piece of equipment to the entire room and beyond.
  • ·   TRANR Equipment Mats
       o   36” x 78” x 4mm – light duty for use under equipment that is less that 150lbs
       o   36” x 78” x 6.4mm PRO – a quarter inch of protection for equipment over 150 lbs
       o   40” x 96 x 6.4mm MAX – almost 27 sq. ft. of coverage for the MAX protection