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About Us

Circle Inc. has been producing quality products for over 40 years.

Quality is an integral part of every step of the manufacturing process. Our standard procedures and training program ensures all employees understand our quality standards. Each employee is committed to producing the highest quality parts and we empower them to be proactive in correcting any defects before moving parts to the next step in the manufacturing process. Quality checks are in place as raw materials come in, during production, as it is packaged, and again while the product is loaded onto trucks.

At Circle Inc. we know that quality manufacturing is something we need to think about every day so our customers don’t have to.

Stocking for Release

Circle Incorporated still believes in investing in our business relationships and having a commitment to our customer’s needs. This is why we are willing to stock either raw material or finished product on our floor to help reduce lead times. The key is to communicate the amount of product that is needed and what the acceptable minimum or maximum amount on the floor will be. This program helps take the guess work out of availability and lead times.

  • True Just in Time
  • Finished sizes or Parent Sheets
  • Investing in Relationships
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Dedicated Machine Time

Some of our customers have a schedule that is predictably unpredictable. Our Dedicated Machine Time program is designed to address these last minute size changes and next day emergency orders. The customer knows that machine time is available for them on an agreed upon day or days of the week. They may call orders in up to the day prior to that time and be sure that those orders will go out on the necessary date. If the machine time isn’t needed that week, we simply fill in our schedule with other orders. This program has been very successful for customers who don’t have the luxury of “standard” sizes or quantities.

  • Shorten Lead Times on “Custom” orders
  • Flexible Sizes
  • Reduce Emergency Orders
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Woman-Owned Business Enterprise

Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce
Certification Number: W04-0122
Original Certification Date: 06-03-2005

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FSC Forest Stewardship Council

Certification: 90% Recycled-SGSNA-COC-005543

Environmental Responsibility

Nearly 100% of the products we convert and manufacture are made of recycled material and are themselves recyclable.

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