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Since the mid-1800’s, the Fox River Valley region of Wisconsin was the mainstay of the paper industry by harnessing the power of water to operate mills and provide transportation of wood from rich forests in the north.

Transporting large rolls of paper from mills to binderies and beyond created the need for protective packaging. Circular-shaped roll-headers were needed to protect the ends of the rolls from becoming damaged in transit; this became the namesake of Circle Incorporated as it was the very first product offered in our now extensive line of products.

Our family-owned company has been around since 1978, beginning as a “kitchen table office” with production taking place in a sheltered workshop in the Fox Valley.  An opportunity to provide custom packaging to papermills across the US and Canada also opened the door to fulfilling needs in other industries. By 1989, the need to expand production brought office spaces and the manufacturing plant to Burlington, WI where its proximity to hubs in the Midwest, North-and Southeastern states and Canada were easily accessed.

In 2005, Circle built its current 72,000 square foot facility in the Burlington Manufacturing and Office Park. 2019 saw an additional 48,000 square foot warehouse expansion to shorten lead times for customers.

Circle continues to seek opportunity from industry evolution.  The technology age has loomed as a potential threat to the paper industry, forcing many mills to close their doors and many product lines to become obsolete.  Written forms of media have largely transitioned digitally, reducing the need for many paper products produced by mills and the protective packaging they utilized. These changes created our innovative focus and ability to remain relevant. With product lines varying from the original circular roll-headers to athletic grade rubber matting, Circle leads the way supplying custom manufactured products with a personal experience you can only find with a small business.

It’s the small town, family-owned values with dedicated employees which built the company’s reputation for offering quality products and short-lead times, all while providing a custom-tailored experience for the customer.  Circle has also built a reputation of being a great career choice and we’re proud of this!