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About the Industry

Circle started working in the book industry because our precision cuts and tolerances produce a high-quality product.  The first skid of book covers shipped out our doors 30 years ago. Circle continues to ship panels to large and small binderies throughout the US.

Whether you’re making a library book, photobook, yearbook, textbook or 3 ring binder; Circle has the book board grade you need.  We can produce as small as 4” and as large as needed.

Circle offers the best lead times and customer service in the industry.  Contact an experienced sales representative today.  They are available to find the right solution for your book binding needs.

Book Binding Capabilities

Rotary Board Slitting

​Circle is an independent leader for rotary slit board in the book and 3-ring binder market. Our rotary slitting operation is the most accurate in the industry producing panels as small as 4″ and as large needed. The machines run calipers ranging from .055 pt. to .150 pt. and it is the most accurate way to convert board with tolerances held on squareness to .00075″. We ensure these tolerances are maintained by visually inspecting and checking each stack of board for dimension and squareness. This constant quality check means that only high-quality product ships to our customers.

 Equipment Highlights:

  • Caliper Range from .055 pt. to .150 pt.
  • Tolerances held to .00075″
  • Inspect In-Feed and Down Stack

Round Corner Finishing

Circle’s round cornering equipment gives clean accurate round edges to the panels we produce. Typically used in 3-ring binders for vinyl sealed or laminated covers our round corner board is held to the same high-quality standards as our other board products. Any of our book board grades can have a round corner finish for any application.

Equipment Highlights:

  • 3/8″, 1/4″, 5/16″ Corners
  • Clean Edges
  • Any Board Grade


Products Used in the Book Binding Industry

We do judge a book by its cover!

Our goal is to fulfill your book board grades, volumes and delivery needs.

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