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Stocking for Release

Circle believes in investing in our business relationships and having a commitment to our customers’ needs.  Therefore, we stock either raw material or finished product on our floor to reduce lead times.  The key is to communicate the amount of product needed and the acceptable minimum or maximum amount held the floor.  This program takes the guess work out of availability and lead times.

  • Investing in relationships
  • Finished cut-to size sheets
  • Parent sheets
  • True just in time

Dedicated Machine Time

You have a schedule that is predictably unpredictable.  Our Dedicated Machine Time program is designed to address last-minute size changes and next day emergency orders.  Dedicated machine time is available each week.  This program is very successful for customers who don’t have the luxury of “standard” sizes or quantities.

  • Shorten lead times on “Custom” orders
  • Flexible sizes
  • Reduce emergency orders

Custom Converting

Circle’s unique converting capabilities offer a variety of products for many types of different applications and industries.  Let’s talk about your needs.

  • Unique die cutting capabilities
  • Variety of materials


These programs are just a sample of the creativity that goes into developing a relationship with Circle.  We are proud of the services provided and believe it is the foundation for our success.  We’re confident Circle can address your unique service needs. Contact us today!